jeudi 30 mai 2013

NoSuchCon 2013 challenge - Write up and Methodology

I had to do a write-up for the NoSuchCon 2013 challenge to get my "usb missile launcher". I wanted to share this write-up to give some approaches to do the challenge. I’m really interested to have feedback, comments or ideas to improve the process.
In the first section of this paper, we will see the methodology to break the challenge, even the bad ideas. Then we will see how to automate the deobfuscation. In the third section, we will see how to attack the algorithm and we will end up with a small conclusion.

Greetz: @0vercl0k who lost some neurones with me
             @elvanderb with his crazy challenge
             @skier who gave me some clever ideas
             @Taron__  who reviewed the write-up

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